ueso was born with the intent to create and do everything well. while never compromising the things that are most important to us: quality, authenticity, and you. at ueso we intend to create a space where we can do things purposefully. to create products that seamlessly blend elegance and functionality, we believe design has no boundaries, and neither should you.

when ueso was just an idea in our heads we knew that we wanted our creation to represent us, and ukraine was what had brought us together. one of us was born there, theother had gained a family thanks to ukraine. over the past years we intentionally worked with designers from ukraine, models from ukraine, and worked in ukraine ourselves. half of our team is ukrainian. while at the moment circumstances have made it difficult to resume our production and operations in ukraine, we are still committed to working with our ukrainian friends in whatever way possible. we are hopeful that we will return one day, glory to ukraine.